Societal Solutions

Aim for a Designed Future! Rather Than Accept One Determined By Chance!

  • New thinking = new goals.
  • New thinking = new vision.
  • New thinking = new system of systems.
  • New thinking = new approach and goals for education.
  • New thinking = new, creative and innovative options for almost every facet of human society.

New thinking can include greater freedom, greater advancement, better upward mobility, total peace, space travel, true abundance, and much more.

But new thinking must, above all things, be new.

We've seen the same basic problems and same promised solutions over and over throughout the ages. If we're ever going to see a world like Star Trek or Tomorrowland, then we're going to have to start thinking differently. We must stop the insanity of believing or accepting that the existing system is written in stone and can't be changed. Essentially EVERYTHING can be changed the monetary system, the compensation system (which is the monetary system in most cases), the education system, the way our politicians are elected and how people can become community leaders, the way our politicians are held accountable, and more.

Join in the designing of futuristic thinking. Render the old ways of thinking obsolete.